SK II Stem Power Essence

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-Boosting your skin’s inner resilience¹ for bouncy, poreless looking skin.

In collaboration with one of the world’s foremost authorities in skin cell function research, SK-II’s joint study unveils that turning on our skin’s “Master Switch” enables the protection of epidermal stem cells⁸, by optimising its environment. The result? Poreless-looking⁹, bouncy skin.

-Activating your skin’s “Master Switch”.

As women approach the big ‘Three-O’, the unforgiving signs of skin ageing surface more evidently, causing our skin to lose its firmness, our pores to enlarge and fine lines to appear.  To address this issue, SK-II’s extensive study of our skin cells unveiled that the key to our skin’s youthful beauty lies its “Master Switch”.  

-STEMPOWER Technology with the power of Pitera™

Led by this discovery, SK-II crafted a new pathway to transform the way our skin’s youth activity functions with groundbreaking STEMPOWER Technology. Formulated with the new Stem-Acanax ES Complex, the innovative STEWPOWER Essence helps women to achieve poreless-looking⁹ bouncy skin after 2 weeks².



After applying the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Clear Lotion, drop an appropriate amount (1-2 droppers) of SK-II STEMPOWER Essence onto the palm of your hand.  Apply it smoothly onto the entire face, and add a few extra drops on concerned areas with a gentle knuckling motion.