Clarins Smoothing Body Scrub

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The creamy texture of Clarins Smoothing Body Scrub belies active, pore-penetrating microbeads that work deep into the surface of your skin to gently remove dead skin cells making way for radiant new skin. Rich with vital ingredients that are also gentle on the skin, Smoothing Body Scrub is ideal even for sensitive skin.

Beauty Benefits :
- Calms and soothes the skin.
- Deeply conditioning.
- Super-smooth and gentle on the skin.
- Easy to use and just as easy to rinse off.
- Smells delicious.

Ingredients :
- Bamboo (Exfoliates)
- Licorice (Softens)
- Mimosa Tenuiflora (Repairs)
- Moringa (Detoxifies,Purifies)
- Shea (Moisturises,Protects,Regenerates,Revitalises,Softens)


It’s not how firmly you exfoliate but how regularly which makes the difference. Even sensitive skin benefits from gentle, regular exfoliation to boost cellular renewal and the skin’s natural defence system. So how often? Once or twice a week over damp skin.